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Cormix offers a unique extensive innovative range of products to meet all situations of crack injection ,sealing, water stopping, water proofing & structural repair. To read more click here 

Cormix systems use the latest technologies avoiding carcinogenic raw materials & old out dated acrylate 4 part corrosive systems.

Cormix products are manufactured with health & safety, the environment and ease of application in mind to achieve a permanent solution.

Our injection solutions save time, money, waste, reinjection & protect the environment

Cormix has developed chemical grout systems for sealing joints, cracks, or surrounding soil in both dry and wet areas. Cormix leak sealing systems provide solutions to seal cracks, joints, voids, to shut off water seepage, prevent water leaks in sewerage and drain pipes, provide ground stabilization, water leaks through expansion or construction joints, and prevent water pressure from expanding fissures into major fault points that could cause serious structural damage.

Crack sealing foams, resins and gels solve the most demanding of water ingress problems in underground structures sealing and reacting water away providing permanent seals.

The type of leak and size of crack determines the best solution/product to fix the problem.

Small weeping cracks can be sealed using low viscosity Polyurethane resin and foams in combination or a two in one product such as. PUE400/401

These materials need to have very low viscosity so that the cracks are sealed to their full depth. Cormix provides both Polyurethanes and epoxies  (dry cracks) for hairline cracks

Major heavy water stoppage focuses more on  reaction time and high expansion rates requiring gels and foams with very fast reaction times that react water away quickly so that they cannot be washed away .These materials can be used to fill large voids and cavities economically  in combination with cementitious plugs and pre grouting

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