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Cormix offers a range of waterproofing solutions to prevent expensive damage both to internal assets and also to the structure itself. Cormix solutions are formulated for ease of application and to be able to withstand the rigors of installation often in difficult conditions whilst providing a long sustainable environmentally friendly system.

Cormix Waterproofing Systems offer many advantages.Cormix brings to its waterproofing systems knowledge gained over 40 years of the challenges to prevent water ingress in tunnels, basements and other below grade structures as well as throughout a whole buildings envelope

Cormix supplies various systems that avoid joints & overlaps, that do not need protection, can be applied to damp & dry surfaces, are crack bridging & sealing, provide chemical & chloride resistance as well as waterproofing, are permanent, have been fomulated with regard to health & safety, sustainability and environment awareness.

Cormix has complete modern systems for all types of waterproofing new build or refurbishment avoiding the pitfalls of outdated old systems.

The materials available from Cormix meet all the potential waterproofing needs of todays modern contractors and include :-

  • Elastomeric Coatings / Membranes
  • Waterproofing by Crystallization
  • Water Repellents
  • Polymer Modified Flexible Cementitious Slurries.
  • Waterstops both swelling & PVC.

The waterproofing products produced by Cormix are constantly updated for various structures such as Bridges, Tunnels, Basements, Roofs, Water Tanks, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Reservoirs and Marine Structures