Cormix International operates integrated management systems encompassing all aspects of our operations in compliance with ISO9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations. We are committed at all levels to continuous improvement.

We operate in a responsible, sustainable and ethical way to meet and exceed todays environmental requirements with a focus on meeting future targets. We achieve this via sourcing of raw materials and packaging from responsible suppliers, reducing waste and our carbon foot print, developing environmentally friendly products.

We are aiming to minimise our impact on the environment by:

  • Reducing waste annually
  • Improving packaging and reducing the use of plastic
  • Working with environmentally conscious suppliers encouraging them to act responsibly
  • Complying with all legislation and going beyond that
  • Reducing any environmental and health and safety risks
  • Ensuring our policies are communicated to staff and that they are rewarded for good practices
  • Ensuring our workforce is well trained.
  • Produce sustainable products through product innovation
  • Completely eliminate the production of hazardous products
  • Reduce all forms of wastage both in the workplace and externally
  • Reduce energy consumption and use of water

Our policies are reviewed annually to keep abreast of legislation and industry trends.