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Waterproofing of Hard Rock Tunnels

Cover-Spray Machine

Todays utilities operators anticipate a life span of 100 years for their underground structures. A key element in achieving that is to have a sound watertight structure. If long term durability is compromised expensive repairs and interruption to facility operations is likely

Taking these requirements into consideration Cormix works with sound waterproofing systems that are easy to install, safe,non toxic, limit their carbon footprints, can be installed easily to the most challenging surface geometries and are fast to install.

Cormix offers for difficult surfaces and geometries in combination with P.V.C. sheet membranes

a spray on E.V.A. membranes    Contite  HPWM    

Cormix Contite HPWM composite tunnel lining solution advantages include :

  • Fully bonded composite system
  • Crack Bridging
  • Very fast application by spray
  • Easy application
  • No joints, welds, overlaps, fixings
  • Simple repairs
  • Non Flammable
  • Tough and flexible can use with steel fibres
  • Easy to apply to complex geometries
  • Early application to new concrete
  • Very high bond strength
  • Fast curing

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