TMB Foam


In order to make the progress of the TBMs easier and faster Cormix has developed a range of injection foams and polymers for injection at the tunnel face modifying the grounds properties including , permeability , plasticity , workability and texture in addition to reducing friction and abrasion at the cutter head .

Ground conditioning is dependent on the specific geological conditions and the equipment used FOAMS

The use of soil conditioning foams can allow EPD TBMs to achieve better advance rates , reduce torque with less wear and tear on the machine even in poor ground conditions. Cormix has various grades of foam to meet  all exacting conditions .


CORMIX SCF 1 : Foaming agent for ground with high to low permeability incorporating a polymer for higher  efficiency                                                               use in sandy, clay, silts.

CORMIX SCF 2 : Foaming agent with polymer for use in sand, clay and silts.

CORMIX SCF 3 : Foaming agent with polymer use in sand and gravels.

Type of soils and products to use


Compairson of Soil Conditioning when used Foam & Polymers


Cormix polymers are used in conditions where water increases and foam alone is not enough . Used in ground conditions containing fine sand,silts or clay and gravels in conjunction with Cormix SCF foams

Cotmix polymers for TBMs excavation are formulated for the following properties :

  • Drying out ground conditions
  • Reducing segregation in the TBM mixing chamber
  • Reduction in stickiness and adhesion to metal surfaces


Cormix SCP 2 water absorbing prowder product recucing the risk of the pressure chamber being filled with liquefied soil and water.

Cormix SCP2L water absorbing liquid product with the same preformance as SCP2

CORMIX SCF P1 : liquid  polymer for foam stabilizing