Injection Cover

Cormix maintains a broad range of injection polymers , polyurethanes and gels which are used in various applications with TBMs Applications include soil consolidation , rock stabilization , water stopping ,waterproofing and filling voids and cavities

Water movement , wash out and the development of cavities create potential problems with high costs. Cormix injection systems are formulated to solve such problems


Contite G600  : a single component gel that can be injected neat or from 1:1 to 1:5 with water adjusting the reaction times ,the very low viscosity allows it to penetrate rock and sand filled structures

Contite PU500/501 , Contite PUE 700/701  : These products are 2 component and foam up to thirty times with (500) or without water (700) they are rigid foams and are used to stabilize poor rock /ground conditions with high voids or cavities and to shut off water

Contite Soil Stab :