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Cormix Shotcrete Solution

Cover shortcrete

Cormix has decades of of experience  in developing and fine tuning shotcrete admixture solutions for both wet and dry shotcrete processes.

Cormix is the ideal partner for those engaged in sprayed concrete works bringing  its underground construction knowledge together with R and D to create specialised admixtures such as Cormix AFL RT1 and Cormix SP1A .

The increasing demand for cost effective solutions that also protect the environment and users has led to the continuous development of shotcrete solutions. Cormix AFLRT1 not only performs as well as standard products but reduces wastage by up to 20% and prevents equipment blockage in cool weather

Sprayed Concrete Requirements
Shotcrete faces different conditions depending on the application and service needs .

In tunneling sprayed concrete is used for execavation stabilization, sometimes as a final lining, for rock and slope stabilization on slopes and in large civil engineering repair works dispensing with formwork.

Cormix provides reliable and proven solutions with technologies at the forefront of industry supported by knowledgeable technical experts. Materials are optimized for each project making Cormix the partner of choice.

Cormix solutions for sprayed concrete include :

Cormix AFL RT1

An alkali-free  clear liquid admixture formulated to  provide hardening acceleration in shotcrete, while reducing the safety hazard associated with traditional alkaline shotcrete accelerators. Complies to ASTM C1141, Type II & Grade9, ClassA BSEN 5075-1:1982

Developed to reduce sediment waste in drums and to prevent blockage of equipment.

3-10 % by weight of cementitious material.

Cormix AFL 

An alkali-free opaque liquid admixture formulated to provide hardening acceleration in shotcrete, while reducing the safety hazards associated with traditional alkaline shotcrete accelerators. Complies to ASTM C1141, Type II & Grade 9, Class A.

For wet &  dry shotcrete in tunnels, mines, concrete repair & slope stabilization etc.

3-10 % by weight of cementitious material.

Cormix SP1B

A highly effective  water reducing superplasticiser and an extremely powerful deflocculating agent.  It conforms to Type A, D&G materials of ASTM C494 and BSEN 934-2:1998.

For using both in precast concrete and R.M.C applications including to produce flowing concrete in congested areas, slabs and foundations, large pours, beams, columns and precast elements.

0.5-3 litre per 100 kg of total cementitious material.

Megaflow SCC

A new modified generation of polycarboxylated hyperplasticisers specifically developed to achieve improved concrete properties. Conforming to the requirements of BS5075 Part3, ASTM C494 Type A&F and BSEN 934-2.

For using in precast, ready mix, self compacting and pumped concrete, concrete for under water use, silica fume, blast furnace slag, and PFA modified concrete.

0.5-1.0 litre per 100 kg of total cementitious material.

Cormix PA

A pumping aid for concrete. A concrete admixture used to improve concrete mixes to protect concrete pumps and pipes from excessive wear, decrease pump pressure and reduce pumping times and difficulties.

To improve concrete with low cement contents, poor aggregate grading, varying fines contents, poor pumpability etc.

0.2-0.4 litre per 100 kg of total cementitious material.

Cormix SF1

An ultrafine spherical, high performance super reactive pozzolanic mineral additive conforming to ASTM C1240 definitions.BS EN 12390-8:2009

For dense, durable, watertight & high strength concrete. Use in shotcrete to reduce rebound, decrease permeability and improve strengths.

2-15% by  weight of cement.