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Ground Consolidation and soil stabilization

Cover-Ground Consolidation and soil stabilization

Cormix maintains a number of solutions for ground consolidation and stabilisation in varying geological conditions

Where grounds have relatively low permeability Cormix G600 injection gel injected with water at 1:5 or neat will give a superior performance over cement based grouts and other chemical resins.

Cormix solutions :

Contite PUE500/501 High strength rigid polyurethane foam requires water to react

Contite PUE700/701 High strength rigid polyurethane foam does not require water to react

Contite G600 Hydrophillic gel seals cracks and fissures forms a waterproof permanent flexible membrane

Cormix Soil Stab  Low strength water stopping temporary gel

Contite PUE500/501

A phthalate free fast reacting 2 component rigid polyurethane foam.

Use to increase the load bearing capacity of loose soils. For soil & rock consolidation, filling of large voids, cracks and crevices in wet & dry consolidations. Pre injection waterproofing in front of TBMs.

See data sheet

Contite PUE700/701

Two part fast setting rigid polyurethane foam for soil & rock consolidation and below grade water stoppage.

Used for soil and rock consolidation, filling of large voids, cracks and crevices, pre injection for waterproofing and consolidation in front of TBM and drill and blast, filling of fissures, gravel layers, in wet and dry conditions.

See data sheet

Contite G600

A hydrogel injection grout. Used to stop heavy water leakage. Reacts with water over  a range of ratios to form elastic foams, rubbery gasket or elastomeric waterproof gel.

Typical areas of use include shutting off water seepage, forming a positive side waterproof membrane with below grade structures injected from the negative side, for reinjectable hoses & soil stabilization, prevention of water leakage in sewerage and drain pipes, ground stabilization, prevention of water leaks through expansion or construction joints.

See data sheet

Contite Soil Stab

A hydrophilic injection grout for soil and rock consolidation.

Use for consolidation of loose sandy soils, sealing of fractures & cracks in hard rock, curtain grouting and pre injection grouting.

See data sheet