A leader in the construction chemicals industry.

Cormix International is an independent British Company established in 1996 by Edward H. Batchelor who has more than 40 years experience in the Construction Chemicals Industry.

Cormix range of construction chemicals include concrete repair, grouts and anchoring systems, underground construction specialities, injection solutions, waterproofing & jointing systems, elastomeric concrete, admixtures for concrete and shotcrete.


Providing high quality solutions, flexible and responsive

As a result of its independence Cormix is highly flexible & responds rapidly to the changing demands of the construction industry.

A leader in construction chemicals

Cormix provides high quality solutions supported by sound technical service. The success of Cormix products is demonstrated by the large number of prestigious projects in which they have been used. These cover public and private sector projects including airports, railway systems, subways, dams, power plants, potable and waste water plants, tunnels, ports, highways, industrial structures and numerous buildings.


Cormix…One step ahead for a more sustainable future.

Cormix leads the way by investing heavily in people and product research and development with a focus on introducing high performance, technically differentiated products & service. Cormix is constantly improving products & by working closely with its customers provides the necessary solutions to todays demands. The Cormix laboratories are available to its partners to provide analysis, advise and to develop tailor made materials.

Cormix strives to minimize the environmental impact of its products, both during manufacture and use. We do this by taking into account the environmental effects throughout the entire life cycle of our products.


Cormix products are made available worldwide through a network of distributors and regional production sites. This global spread allows us to respond quickly to customer demand. Contact us to find the nearest source of products.