Buildings are subjected to a myriad of stresses and strains ,settlement , subsidence , earthquakes , shrinkage , overloading , heating ,cooling , high humidity ,high rainfall , carbonation , air borne salt,poor design and construction etc In time buildings require rehabilitation  often in several areas such as roof , basement ,joint and facade leaks , structural crack development , balcony leakage , and others


Cormix carries a complete range of concrete repair, waterproofing and protection products for building remediation below are some examples in short form


Leaking cracks ,kickers ,


Determine The type of crack see (Cormix repair manual )

Running water : inject Contite G600 neat with water to seal the crack with a flexible seal

Weeping water use Contite 400 /401 2 in 1 to stop water at the back of the crack and seal the front with a flexible resin

Dry crack  structural crack seal with Contite PU300/301 structural polyurethane.

Dry non structural cracks seal with Contite PU200/201 flexible polyurethane

Leaking penetrations and kickers inject G600 1;1 with water to the relevant area water flow will carry the material to seal the passages of water .

Leaking porous concrete failed membranes – basements

HO2 Stop+CI_3

Once cracks are sealed with Contite PUE 300/301 moisture tolerant polyurethane resin, porous concrete can be sealed on the positive side by curtain grouting injecting G600 1;3 with water to form a waterproof membrane on the positive side

Any honeycombs shall be cut out and repaired using Conpatch 600HS high strength >70N/MM2 high build polymer modified repair mortar containing a migrating corrosion inhibitor and silica fume

Area removing any coatings treat with Contite ACCI a crystalline permanent subsurface waterproofing membrane containing a corrosion inhibitor to provide protection to rebar and capable of sealing cracks up to .5mm

The concrete floor seal with Contite HHH spray applied crystalline waterproofing containing a water repellent capable of sealing up to .5mm cracks and penetrating 30 cm in to the concrete

Empty underground parking garage