Why soil stabilization is important?

Changing soil conditions via such processes as errosion, ground water movement, water extraction, decomposition and freeze thaw may lead to foundation damage or failure

Cormix provides a range of soil stabilization solutions to inject into the soil strengthening and binding it to provide a watertight solid base

Structures that may be relevelled and stabilized with Cormix systems include:

Roads and Highways, Runways and taxi ways, bridges ,rail crossings, sea and river walls, pools, tanks, tunnels and many other concrete structures

The types of grouting/injection can be divided into a number of main areas:

  • Cavity filling
  • Permeation Grouting
  • Consolidation grouting

Cavity filling

Cavities are created by water movement resulting in settlement and structural damage .Such cavities may be filled by Contite 500 or 700 which expand from 20 to 30 times, reactions can be varied as required

Permeation Grouting

Grouts are used to prevent water movement through loose soils which may otherwise result in erosion or movement of the soil damaging the structure .Two main affects are achieved : the decrease in soil permeability and an increase in the soil load bearing capacity .

Cormix grouts are injected through pipes to form a gel or rigid foam in the soil

Consolidation grouting

To consolidate /densify soil it may effectively be compacted using a rapidly expanding grout injected through packers into the soil below the slab filling voids rapidly under pressure and compressing the surrounding soils this is done in combination with Slab Lift



Application Product TDS
Cavity / Void Filling
Contite PUE500/501
Contite PUE700/701
Permeation Grouting
Contite PUE500/501
Contite PUE700/701
Contite G600
Contite Soil Stab
Consolidation Grouting
Contite Slab lift
Contite PUE500/501
Contite PUE700/701