The selection of material is determined by the area requiring waterproofing e.g. roof, basement, tanks, swimming pool, wet areas. pools etc, the service, installation conditions and skill of applicators.

what questions should be asked when selecting a waterproofing system ? Must it be UV resistant, will the concrete be dry or work carried out in the rainy season, what movement is expected, is cracking likely, are there any chemicals present, does the potential waterproofer need protection against back-filling or traffic. Is there likely to be a lot of detailing, is roof resistance required ? When considering sheet membranes there are problems that need to be considered.

– Complex detailing

– A lot of time to install

– Dry concrete

– Protection against back-filling

– Protection against UV

– Concrete 28 days old

– A lot of labour to install

– Skilled applicators

– Maintenance

– Damaged sheet membranes allow water to undercut/spread below them entering

the structures in areas not adjacent to the damage creating very real repair issues

These are the disadvantages of sheet membranes. There are many sheet membranes based on different raw materials with varying qualities and thicknesses. How do you select the correct one, it’s difficult? why continue with old technology with proven faults when other more modern technologies exist that are developed with ease of use in mind and longevity of performance. The trend is to move to products that are formulated with local conditions in mind based on the latest nanotechnologies. During recent years integrally waterproofed concrete has become the preferred method of waterproofing in many countries either as an admixture or spray applied sub surface membrane. This is known as waterproofing by crystallization.


CONTITE HHH hasbeen developed to meet the demands of designers,applicators and contractors.

Cormix has taken crystalline technology and combined it with water repellant pore blocking know how to form an all embracing waterproofer which is hydrophobic, hydrophilic and hygroscopic. This technology is backed with a 20 YEAR WARRANTY.

Contite HHH is a spray on economic sealing and pore blocking subsurface membrane. Gone are the application problems associated with sheet and liquid applied membranes, the headaches of waterproofing in the rainy season, delays, bubbling, debond, UV issues, protection boards and detailing nightmares.


Contite HHH is a coat effective easy to install triple action waterproofer using nanotechnology. Used in the sprayable form Contite HHH penetrates up to 30 cm into the concrete forming a permanent subsurface membrane which cannot be damaged and self heals when cracks develop. Areas of use include: roofs, basements, tanks, decks, podiums, tunnels, shafts, bridge decks, reservoirs and other below grade structures.
This latest technology is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.



1. Durability – Permanent Concrete Waterproofing
– Lasts the life of the concrete
2. Waterproofing Mechanism – Blocks concrete capillaries stops passage of water.
– Self heals if cracks develop
3. Cracks Sealing Seal cracks maximize of 2 mm.
4. No Topping or Protection Required No Need
Corrosion & Chemical Resistance
5. Chloride Protection
6. Carbonation Protection
7. Sulphate Protection
8. Chemical Resistance
9. Reduces Chloride Diffusion
10. Abrasion Resistance
11. UV Resistance

Concrete leaks due to a number of factors such as being poorly compacted , poor detailing , cracking , joints leaking ,general porosity , the wrong selection or application of waterproofing systems , short life waterproofing systems failing after a few years .

To mitigate some of the issues found with standard waterproofers has lead to the growth in the use of integral waterproofers which take away the problems of application and short life requiring maintenance .

The use of concrete admixtures to waterproof concrete is now widely accepted around the world with standards such as EN and ASTM being established as below :

  • BS 1881-P122 – Water Absorption.
  • ASTM C 1202 – Resistance to chloride penetration.
  • BS EN 934-2 Table 9 – Water resisting admixtures.
  • BS6920-1-2000 – Suitable for Potable water contact.
  • BS EN12390 Part 8 – Water permeability.

Cormix has for many years sold crystalline waterproofing admixtures and recently added its corrosion inhibitor technology

as an additional benefite through the launch of   Cormix H2O STOP  + CI

Cormix H2O STOP + CI  provides integral full depth life time permanent waterproofing as well as giving corrosion inhibitor

protection to the reinforcement this has been achieved at no extra cost to the customer, in addition dosage rates from,Cormix are significantly lower

than major competitors standard admixtures

Cormix H2O STOP + CI has all the benefites of the original product  but incorporates the use of corrosion inhibitors a unique product to Cormix ,it is available in powder and liquid form.


What are the overall benefites of this material and how is Cormix differentiated from its main competitors :

  • Low dosage with same results
  • Liquid easy to dose admixture as well as powder
  • No pre mixing and no clumping in the mix
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect reinforcement
  • Crack sealing and reactivates over again
  • Permanent lasts the life of the concrete and no disposal problems on demolition of structure
  • No joints and seams to fail
  • No additional trades or application problems
  • Full depth waterproofing
  • Protection against salts  
  • Supported by life time guarantee



Previously we highlighted the new crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture development from Cormix incorporating its Corrosion Inhibitor Technology.

Further to this Cormix has been able to take its in depth knowledge of concrete and construction chemicals and develop another product unique to Cormix.

There are other suppliers of crystalline waterproofing but few have the knowledge of Cormix when it comes to nano technology and working at the molecular level. Cormix’s knowledge of cement chemistry, steel corrosion protection, concrete admixtures and waterproofing has combined once again to put it one step or more ahead of the rest.


Crystalline working

Introducing the latest development from its flag ship crystalline technology Contite Seal is the  unique product Contite Seal ACCI.

For those that prefer a slurry surface applied subsurface waterproofing membrane to an integral admixture Cormix has produced its Contite Seal ACCI.
Besides the standard benefites of crystalline waterproofing Contite Seal ACCI offers the following advantages over traditional.

products being promoted :

  • Air cure that means no costly time consuming water curing after application. This speeds up the project and reduces water wastage.
  • No extra cost of adding a corrosion inhibitor in the concrete its two in one waterproofing and reinforcement protection.
  • It incorporates a migrating corrosion inhibitor which migrates to the reinforcement displaces other materials and forms a passive protective layer around the reinforcement.
  • This is a one coat system unlike many competitors and is applied at a rate of kg/m2 in one coat.
  • Contributes to LEEDS points
  • This is permanent reactive waterproofing that lasts the life of the structure and carries the life time guarantee from Cormix

Additional benefites are :

  • No VOCs or environmentally un friendly side effects
  • Can be recycled with the concrete
  • A permanent solution which means no maintenance
  • Sprayable and easy to install
  • No joints seams
  • Cannot be damaged as part of the concrete
  • No protection boards required
  • Improves the chemical resistance of concrete
  • Supported with a complete range of concrete repair and waterstopping products from Contite Seal ACCI is offered at no additional cost to customers

Cormix H2O Stop+CI is a unique chemical treatment that provides both integral waterproofing and protection of concrete by crystallization

One Bangkok_MAT Foundation Pouring_05

The chemical reaction generates a non-soluble crystalline formation in the capillaries, pores and voids throughout the concrete matrix. As the crystalline structure matures and develops, it will begin to fill the capillary tracts, therefore permanently sealing the concrete and reducing permeability of water and other liquids from both the positive and negative sides.

concrete mix

Developed as a liquid for ease of dosing and dispersion to meet R.M.C companies needs (powder is also available), the core features of

this double protection concrete admixture are:

  • Removes the requirement and cost of seams and joint.
  • Accelerates the construction process.
  • Illuminates the risk of installation errors vs traditional adhesive or loose lay membrane waterproofing systems.
  • Non- toxic with no VOC’s, therefore Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Typical areas of use are:

Storage Facilities: Water tanks, Wastewater plants, Reservoirs, Canals

Underground Structures: Tunnels, Basements, Car Parks, Foundations, Elevator pits

P6 Watertight Concrete

Contite CFM Smart Waterproofing


New waterproofing systems developed for modern construction need to be more user friendly, smarter , permanent ,life time sustainable, complete systems with the minimum impact on the enviroment during manufacturing , installation ,life span and disposal

There is a need to produce waterproofing systems that not only take into account service conditions but also ease of application, maintenance and the final disposal once the structure is demolished .

New technologies should be developed that take into consideration these factors ,for example ,can be applied on damp or dry surfaces, no possibility of seam failures or water undercutting ,no bubbling  ,crack bridging and sealing, no volitiles or solvents, non bituminous a reduction in plastic usage and waste.

Using proven smart technologies and new raw materials Cormix has developed a range of smart waterproofing systems for underground structures such as hard rock tunneling composite waterproofing and spray applied primary and secondary waterproofing for station boxes, deep basements, tunnels and other below grade utilities.

Smart waterproofing needs to meet the targets of better performance, easy application, sustainability and reasonable or lower cost than traditional methods.


Over the last few years we have seen in certain countries such as the UK and UAE a movement toward the specification of systems that incorporate, for example, sheet membranes and integral waterproofers due to failures of existing methods, a doubling up of products due to their individual stand alone failings ,a very expensive and dated solution to solving the disadvantages of membranes and other spray on materials such as PUs .

In response and due to improved raw materials Cormix has combined knowhow to produce the concept  of one product primary and secondary waterproofing for underground construction rather than two This means a product Contite CFM that primarily forms a fully bonded flexible membrane and secondarily provides a  integral waterproofing ,crack sealing, permanent sub surface membrane

Old dated technologies are specified over and over again for example bituminous membranes and polyurethanes  yet we all know very well their failings evidenced by constant leakage and expensive repair .Manufacturers do not see change as in their interests having already  heavy investments in sheet membrane factories and similar technologies despite being able to offer better solutions

It is the responsibility of specifiers and manufacturers to improve the industry and give contractors ,facility and  utility owners far better solutions to those now on offer ,we have no problem embracing the latest I phone  or lap top technology yet have become stuck in antiquated waterproofing systems even though they have been already superceeded by better solutions.

Contite CFM is a 2 in 1 single component high performance flexible polymer waterproofing membrane.

(1) Fully bonded membrane with (2) Crystalline waterproofing technology

The development of sprayable waterproofing membranes establishes a new concept for tunnel and underground structure waterproofing.

Sprayable ‘fully Bonded’ waterproofing membranes can resolve technical problems which have proved difficult with conventional sheet membranes, primarily by preventing the migration of water on either side of the membrane.

Contite CFM is a single component high performance flexible waterproofing membrane incorporating reactive crystalline waterproofing technology for the protection of various concrete structures including tunnels, cross passages, underground stations, D-walls & piles, shafts, shotcrete linings, caverns, basements and water retaining structures

CFM -Gray _2

This innovative membrane system is particularly suitable for projects that require absolutely assured long-term system performance.

It brings great benefits for concrete structures with complex geometries, offering a flexible and continuous waterproofing system without joints, water stops or compartmentalization.

However, it is important that these new spray applied systems are compatible with existing sheet membrane waterproofing systems as the transition in technology takes place.

Advantages include:

  • Fully Bonded to substrates
  • No seams or joints, just a continuous uniform
  • No disruption of project advance productivity (in fact productivity will be increased)
  • Only a 2-3 man team required
  • No requirement for expensive and obstructive support framework (use of a ‘Cherry Picker’ will suffice)
  • Very low entry level investment required in application equipment
  • Extremely fast application advance rates


Good performance with water

  • 1&2 component
  • Solvent free
  • Flexible to rigid
  • Strength : 2 – 50 N/mm2
  • Adhere extremely well to wet substrate
  • Retains shape on drying & wetting
  • Non corrosive
  • Lightweight


Bad performance with water

  • 2 component
  • Solvent free
  • Very rigid/hard
  • Strength : 70 – 100N/mm2
  • Poor adhesion


Good performance with water

  • Man made mineral based binder
  • 3 component (Powder, Water, Admixture)
  • Rigid/hard
  • Strength : 40 – 50 N/mm2
  • Shrinks
  • Heavy


Good performance with water

  • Excellent adhesion for 
 movement structure
  • 4 component  
 (A1 + A2 + A3 , B , Water)
  • Very soft and flexible
  • Strength : negligible
  • On drying shrinks does not return to original shape
  • Corrosive

Cormix develops chemical grouts systems for sealing joints, cracks, or surrounding soil is wet both dry and wet area. Cormix leak sealing systems is solution to seal crack, joint, void, shut off water seepage, prevent water leak in sewerage and drain pipes, ground stabilization, prevent water leaks through expansion or construction joints, prevent water pressure from expanding fissures into major fault points that could cause serious structural damage.

Crack sealing foams, resins and gels solve the most demanding of water ingress problems in underground structures sealing and reacting water away providing permanent seals.


The type of leak and size of crack determines the best solution /product to fix the problem.
Cormix technical service is available to assist in the selection of the best solution


  • Small weeping cracks can be sealed using low viscosity Polyurethane resin and foams in combination or a two in one Contite PUE400/E401.

These materials need to have very low viscosity so that the cracks are sealed to their full depths Cormix provides both Polyurethane and epoxy (dry cracks) for hairline cracks

  • Major heavy water stoppage focuses more on fast reaction times requiring gels and foams with very fast reaction times that react water quickly away so that they cannot be washed away .These materials can be used in combination with cementitious plugs and pre grouting or oakum soaked in a PU gel.


VDO: Cormix_Contite G600 by Oakum Technique 2012

In addition products used with heavy water require very high expansion rates to fill large voids and cavities economically

Applications for Cormix products include the sealing of:

  • Dams
  • Tunnels
  • Subway stations
  • River and sea walls
  • All below
  • Below grade concrete structures


Cracking Concrete Repair Solutions

Moving Cracks (Dry)
Contite PUE 200/E201
Condur SCC
Non-Moving Cracks (Dry)
Contite PUE 300/301
Condur SC
Weeping Leak (Moving Cracks)
First Contite PUE100/E101 until leakage stops
then Contite PUE200/E201
Gusting Heavy Water leaking Cracks
Contite PUE100/E101
Contite G600
Contite G600M
Shutting off Heavy Water Leakages (Permanently)
Contite G600

The traditional methods to solve the subsidence of buildings, foundations and other infrastructure has been with cement-based materials can lead to varying results and may not solve the root cause, finally the problem can re-occur. Cormix supplies a range of solutions for soil stabilization and slab lifting based on the latest polyurethane technology.


Slab lifting is the process whereby sunken concrete slabs or structures are lifted back to level with precision. Traditional methods use cement grouts (Slab Jacking) with varying degrees of success often resulting in less than accurate lifts, considerable disruption, mess and longer term failures.

Today the alternative is lifting slabs or structures with rigid, high strength structural, non-shrink, non-disruptive, lightweight, environmentally friendly polyurethane foams Contite Slab Lift in combination with other polyurethane foams and gels used to grout various soil conditions stabilizing the soil.

Changing soil conditions via such processes as erosion, ground water movement, water extraction, decomposition and freeze thaw may lead to foundation damage or failure. Cormix provides a range of soil stabilization solutions to inject into the soil strengthening and binding it to provide a watertight solid base.

The types of grouting/injection can be divided into a number of main areas:


  • No mess
  • No shrinkage
  • Long term stable
  • Quick and non disruptive to working environment
  • Stabilizes surrounding soils
  • Stops washout
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High strength not brittle


Cormix chemical grouting systems provide many advantages over cement based mud jacking. Below are some of the advantages:

  • Very fast and non-disruptive
  • Clean
  • Non invasive
  • Limited damage and disruption
  • Less weight
  • Permanent results
  • Lower cost
  • No environmental impact


Cormix rigid, high strength, non shrink fast reacting technology ensures a permanent, rapid, clean solution to slab lifting and soil stabilization Contite Slab Lift ensures a permanent precision lift with high strength rigid foam.


  • A polyurethane structural foam.
  • Inject expanding polymer.
  • Deep Injection through tubes up to 8 m deep.
  • Constantly monitored.
  • Compacts weak soil zones.
  • Voids are filled.
  • Lifts & realigns.
  • Base soil strengthened.
  • Restores load bearing capacity.
  • High Density hydro polymer.


  • Contite Slab Lift is a two component structure polyurethane foam for concrete slab lifting and soil stabilisation.
  • Contite Slab Lift may be used for concrete slab lifting & soil stabilization by improving load bearing capacity of loose soils, filling of large voids, cracks and crevices.
  • Contite Slab Lift is injected into the ground to the required depth restoring load bearing capacity, densifying and strengthening soils with rigid high strength foams thatdisplace or react away water, compacting soil before finally lifting the structure or pavement back to alignment on a sound base.


Cormix soil stabilization and slab lifting grouts provide long term solutions and advantages that are controlled these include:

  • Soil compaction and stabilization.
  • Control or stopping of water movement
  • Large void and cavity filling with rigid foam
  • Slab lifting to tight tolerances


  • Zero excavation
  • Densifies and strengthens soils
  • Displaces water, increase soil density
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-destructive – lower time, Less noise
  • Keeps important assets in service, minimal interruption of operations
  • Fast reaction, high strength for loads
  • Water movement halted
  • Enhances Underground structures
    Stabilizing & sealing operation in one


  • Warehouse / Distribution Center / Depot / Container Terminal
  • Heavy equipment foundation, factory floor
  • Highway Pavement
  • Bridge Approach
  • Taxiway / Runway
  • Railway Foundation
  • Sealing Manholes
  • Sea walls
  • Silo


Resin injection method used to lift sunken concrete slab to the original level.

After stabilization the sub base with for example Contite PUE500/501 high strength rigid foam. Contite Slab Lift Polyurethane is injected through drilled holes to fill voids underneath the slab or footings and lift the slab.
Contite Slab Lift expands exerting pressure to the slab.
The lifting of Contite Slab Lift is carefully monitored by laser level.
After completion, the treated area is trafficable within 15 minutes.


  • Drill a hole in the sunken slab (or) soil / ground surface & fix packer. Multiple holes can be drilled at 30 cm intervals, if the surface area of sunken slab is large.
  • Connect the injection head to the packer.
  • Open valves for Part A and Part B and start the injection.
  • The injection should be continued until the water flow stops, slab is lifted sufficiently or until the premeasured amount of product has been injected in each packer.
  • Close the valve and disconnect the packers from the mixing head.
  • Continue and repeat the injection steps with adjacent packer.
  • When the injection has finished, clean and rinse all equipment with Contite PU Purge.
Recommended equipment: A two component injection machine such as GRACO REACTOR E-30 (plural component proportioner) with 1:1 mix ratio is recommended to use where two hoses are connected with an injection gun before injecting into the drilled holes.
To prevent any clogging always clean and flush all equipment including the injection gun with Contite PU Purge prior to the injection.


  • Starter Equipment List for Slab Lifting
  • Reactor for Contite Slab Lift (Starter)
  • Reactor for Contite Slab Lift (Advance)

Cormix was asked to evaluate and make recommendations for 6 cement silos refurbishment located in central Thailand. Some 30 years old the silos were exhibiting signs of detioration with spalling of concrete and cracks evident.

The climate in the region is particularly harsh with high temperatures, humidity and heavy rain through much of the year.

Working at these heights presented challenges to surface preparation product installation, finishing and safety.

Concrete Repair

Access was achieved via gondola especially prepared for the work.

Prior to the work being carried out the initial survey had confirmed cracking and spalling of the concrete

This would require crack injection, removal of concrete to expose reinforcement and protect it, reinstatement of the surface with a high-performance repair mortar before finishing with a anti carbonation coating.


Cormix teamed up with its approved specialist contractor Reptec Services Company Limited to install its system.

Cracks were injected using a low viscosity two component Epoxy resin Condur SC the surface of cracks being sealed prior to injection with Condur EA1 surface Epoxy Seal

Concrete Repair

Delaminated spalling concrete was mechanically removed to expose reinforcement which was coated with a surface tolerant Epoxy coating Congard ST to provide long term protection to the reinforcement

Concrete Repair

The surfaces were then reinstated using a medium build smoothe polymer modified repair mortar Conpatch 600MCI which contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor

Once the silo was completely repaired it was coated with a Carbonation coating Elastodeck S providing both an aesthetically pleasing finish and future protection to the silo from water ingress and carbonation

Silo Repair

Project Goals Achieved

The finished silos looked as good as new with little evidence of the works carried out to reinstate their integrity.

The Cormix repair system has reinstated the silos integrity to provide many more years of good service negating the need.

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