Concrete leaks due to a number of factors such as being poorly compacted , poor detailing , cracking , joints leaking ,general porosity , the wrong selection or application of waterproofing systems , short life waterproofing systems failing after a few years .

To mitigate some of the issues found with standard waterproofers has lead to the growth in the use of integral waterproofers which take away the problems of application and short life requiring maintenance .

The use of concrete admixtures to waterproof concrete is now widely accepted around the world with standards such as EN and ASTM being established as below :

  • BS 1881-P122 – Water Absorption.
  • ASTM C 1202 – Resistance to chloride penetration.
  • BS EN 934-2 Table 9 – Water resisting admixtures.
  • BS6920-1-2000 – Suitable for Potable water contact.
  • BS EN12390 Part 8 – Water permeability.

Cormix has for many years sold crystalline waterproofing admixtures and recently added its corrosion inhibitor technology as an additional benefite through the launch of   Cormix H2O STOP  + CI

Cormix H2O STOP + CI  provides integral full depth life time permanent waterproofing as well as giving corrosion inhibitor protection to the reinforcement this has been achieved at no extra cost to the customer, in addition dosage rates from Cormix are significantly lower than major competitors standard admixtures

Cormix H2O STOP + CI has all the benefites of the original product  but incorporates the use of corrosion inhibitors a unique product to Cormix ,it is available in powder and liquid form.

What are the overall benefites of this material and how is Cormix differentiated from its main competitors :

  • Low dosage with same results
  • Liquid easy to dose admixture as well as powder
  • No pre mixing and no clumping in the mix
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect reinforcement
  • Crack sealing and reactivates over again
  • Permanent lasts the life of the concrete and no disposal problems on demolition of structure
  • No joints and seams to fail
  • No additional trades or application problems
  • Full depth waterproofing
  • Protection against salts  
  • Supported by life time guarantee