Often the existing waterproofing has failed in several places due to age deterioration ,wrong product selected , failure of existing system at joints , overlaps and detailing failures.

failed sheet Membrane_1_500
water proofing_2


Remove all old systems and ensure surfaces are sound

Remove damaged concrete and patch with Conpatch 600 and inject all cracks with Contite 200/201 moisture tolerant flexible polyurethane or if structural cracks with Contite PU300/301 moisture tolerant structural rigid polyurethane

Joints shall be cleaned out arises repaired with Condur EA1 ,backer rod installed and sealed with Conflex PS polysulphide and then sealed with Conflex Band 100mm wide 1 mm thick

All detailing must be completed cracks, cold joints , joints, upstands , pipe penetrations , fixings etc for advise and detail consult Cormix

After ensuring correct preparation apply Contite Polyurea in two coats up to 2mm thickness by spray