Structural strengthening systems are available from Cormix using the latest carbon fiber technologies, our crack injection systems are often used in combination with structural strengthening.

Structural Repair & Strengthening

Concrete structures are constantly under attack by the weather, salts, chemicals, heavy loads ,impact damage and soil erosion .This often results in cracking, undermining of the foundation, spalling and damage to reinforcement.

Cormix provides a complete range of concrete structural repair systems including epoxy and polyurethane crack injection resins, cementitious and epoxy repair mortars, bonding bridges, carbon fibre with adhesives and impregnations


Application Product TDS
Very Fine Structural
Condur SCc
Contite PUE300/301
Condur SC
Dry Crack Structural crack
Condur SC
Contite PUE300/301
Damp Structural Crack
Contite PUE300/301
Moving Crack
Contite PUE200/E201
Weeping moving crack
Contite PUE400/E401


Application Product TDS
Cormix Latex
Condur EA2
Reinforcement Coating
Congard ZINC
Condur FC
Condur 41
Conpatch 600MCI
Conpatch GC
Arris Repair
Condur ARP
Structural Strengthening
Condur CF (HP) Fabric
Condur CF (HP) Impregnation
Condur CF Plate

Condur CF Adhesive