Cormix SCF


Soil Conditioning Foam for TBMs

Cormix SCF is a liquid foaming agent produced especially for soil conditioning with shielded tunnel boring machines. EPB tunneling methods requires the use of soil conditioners.

Cormix SCF is used in soft ground tunnelling with tunnel boring machines. Cormix SCF can be modified to match the properties of the soil to be excavated, trials are recommended at Cormix Laboratories to determine the most effective foam type.

Advantages include : –

  • Improved soil behavior.
  • Easier mucking.
  • Reduced permeability & improved sealing at the face.
  • Can reduce stickiness of soils reducing blockages.
  • The soils properties are made more plastic giving more even and controlled support & better stability at the face.
  • Reduces friction & abrasion to the cutter head, screw conveyor & conveyor reducing wear costs and power consumption