Cormix presented Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors Technology in” Drymix Mortar Solutions for Sustainable Thailand Industry Training”

Recently, Cormix International Limited have joined Drymix Mortar Solutions for Sustainable Thailand Industry Training which organized by Thailand Concrete Association (TCA) at Rama Garden Hotel, Bangkok. In this event Technical Manager from Cormix presented Cormix’s technologies for migrating corrosion inhibitors, protection and extension the life of concrete structures. Highlight products were Cormix CI (Corrosion inhibiting concrete and mortar admixture), Conpatch NCI (Surface applied migrating corrosion inhibitor), Conpatch 600MCI (repair mortar incorporating a corrosion inhibitors) and Cormix H2O Stop (Admixture for waterproofing & concrete corrosion protection) Not only technology which was present in this annual training, Cormix also provided Conpach 600MCI demonstration to showed step application.


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