Cormix Conference 2023

“Cormix Conference 2023 with the theme: Creating value and opportunities for the construction business with concrete protection solutions.
Recently, Cormix International Company Limited held build up the conference on adding value to your business with new opportunities” in 2023 at the company’s headquarters, led by Mr. Edward Batchelor Managing Director of the company and team which has received interest from distributors both in the country and abroad
At this event, Cormix gave participating distributors the opportunity to showcase their work and fully exchange work experiences. Along with introducing the use of products that will help create business opportunities in construction, all 3 product groups include waterproofing with a crystalline system. (crystallization waterproofing), structural repair and rust prevention work, including a product line to stop water leaks with injection systems in the structure such as polyurethane and hydrogel.