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Most of the large infrastructure projects such as tunnels, UG metro rails, mining tunnels, dams, hydro power projects, etc., involve major underground constructions.

Construction, design modification and adaptation of these structures involve challenging issues and hazards on account of poor geology and groundwater conditions. Water flow under the ground is mostly unpredictable and cause drastic consequences to structural integrity and longevity of the structure. Moreover, such projects are always expensive to build and need continual and high standards of maintenance.

Underpass Tunnel

Generally, the following parameters amongst others should be considered while deciding on grouting in below grade structures subjected to substantial water leakages, and for consolidation of rocks/soil.
— permeability or porosity of the concrete/rock mass or soil,
— crack width,
— substrate or crack movement,
— wetness
— water pressure and flow rate

There are many products available for waterproofing, consolidation, sealing, bolting, crack and joint repairing, bonding and cavity filling. However, selection of the right polyurethane grouting techniques, materials, and suitable equipment is of utmost importance for the successful and permanent arresting of leakages.

water leak in station & dam

The traditional methods of using fast setting cementitious grouting for stopping heavy water leakages are no longer acceptable as they are temporary solutions & very expensive considering long term maintenance cost.

Once water finds its way into the workplace (shaft, basement, tunnel, etc.), it seems to be very complicated to stop it. As soon as one leak is plugged, the water finds another gap, and a new leak appears in a formerly dry point.

Amongst the various options, polyurethane grouting is the most frequently used solution against water ingress in tunnels or other underground structures, and as a remedial option to improve or restore the mechanical and sealing properties of soil and rocks. This has created a demand for high-performance polyurethane grouting materials such as Contite G600 – Polyurethane Hydrogel for Shutting off Heavy Water Leakages with High Tensile Adhesion to Wet & Dry Substrates

Contite G600 is a hydrophilic PU injection grout that reacts with water to form an Highly resilient elastic gel.
Using Contite G600, It is possible to use a wide range of techniques and products to control water ingress into underground structures and mining works.

Contite G600 have the advantage of reacting with a wide range of water content ranging from 1 : 1  to 1 : 5 by weight without having a negative influence on the reaction times.
Contite G600 can use in a lot of applications, like soil consolidation by curtain grouting, using it in an injection hose, shutting off big amounts of water i.e. Heavy water leakage, Fixing water leakage through Construction Joints using Oakhum technique etc. permanently.


Advantages are as below :

  • 1 component
  • Solvent free
  • Highly Flexible resilient gel
  • Adhere extremely well to dry & wet substrates
  • Retains shape on drying & wetting cycles
  • Adjust mix ratios with Water without having a negative influence on the reaction times.
  • Permanent Solution for shutting of Heavy Water Leakages.
  • Wide variety of applications such as curtain grouting, injection hose, shutting off a Heavy water leakage, Fixing water leakage through construction joints etc.
  • Non corrosive