Introduction Cormix SCP4 for Bore Pile Market

Bore Pile Market

Bored piles involve making pile holes in the site needing pile by mechanical drilling methods and other methods, then placing the pile made of reinforcing cage and pouring concrete inside the holes.  

Bored piles have smaller vibration and noise compared to sinking pile by hammer method, and are suitable for all kinds of foundations, thus getting the favour of construction enterprises in recent years and is widely used in construction engineering.  

Hence, bored pile technology is very important.

However, during the process of borehole piling, the bearing capacity of the pile is severely affected by the quality of construction due to the typical soil–rock mixtures

commonly encountered in the construction of bored piles and it is difficult to control the quality of concrete.

Conventional bentonite support fluids with high gel strength used in bore piling have disadvantages, such as more significant environmental impacts, more complex

mixing, weaker foundation performance, and overall low economies.

With material and technology development, synthetic polymer fluids notably overcome the above-mentioned disadvantages of the bentonite.

As a result, polymer fluids are increasingly being used as a complete replacement for the conventional bentonite slurries in civil engineering.

The most recent development being a single product comprising of both polymer as well as bentonite – Cormix SCP4


A blend of synthetic polymer additives & bentonite.

A new generation polymer adapted on bore piling to use as pure polymer drilling fluid system without bentonite.

Product features

  • New generation polymer – No bentonite required.
  • Improves pile quality – less sludge.
  • Adapted on sand conditions – Ability to create a thin filter cake at the sand layer.
  • Less fluid loss at the coarse sand layer.
  • Clay stabilizer – Inhibits active clays, prevents clogging and clay sticking
  • Lubricant – Improves lubricity, reducing torque.
  • The complete hydration of the polymer is realized in an hour.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Low cost of disposal.
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