A Waterproofing & Corrosion Protection Solution in One

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The chemical reaction generates a non-soluble crystalline formation in the capillaries, pores and voids throughout the concrete matrix. As the crystalline structure matures and develops, it will begin to fill the capillary tracts, therefore permanently sealing the concrete and reducing permeability of water and other liquids from both the positive and negative sides.

concrete mix

Developed as a liquid for ease of dosing and dispersion to meet R.M.C companies needs (powder is also available), the core features of

this double protection concrete admixture are:

  • Removes the requirement and cost of seams and joint.
  • Accelerates the construction process.
  • Illuminates the risk of installation errors vs traditional adhesive or loose lay membrane waterproofing systems.
  • Non- toxic with no VOC’s, therefore Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Typical areas of use are:

Storage Facilities: Water tanks, Wastewater plants, Reservoirs, Canals

Underground Structures: Tunnels, Basements, Car Parks, Foundations, Elevator pits

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P6 Watertight Concrete