A 2 in 1 flexible spray applied waterproofing membrane

Contite CFM is a 2 in 1 single component high performance flexible polymer waterproofing membrane .

(1) Fully bonded membrane with (2) Crystalline waterproofing technology

The development of sprayable waterproofing membranes establishes a new concept for tunnel and underground structure waterproofing.

Sprayable ‘fully Bonded’ waterproofing membranes can resolve technical problems which have proved difficult with conventional sheet membranes, primarily by preventing the migration of water on either side of the membrane.

Contite CFM is a single component high performance flexible waterproofing membrane incorporating reactive crystalline waterproofing technology for the protection of various concrete structures including tunnels, cross passages, underground stations, D-walls & piles, shafts, shotcrete linings, caverns, basements and water retaining structures.

CFM -Gray _2

This innovative membrane system is particularly suitable for projects that require absolutely assured long-term system performance.

It brings great benefits for concrete structures with complex geometries, offering a flexible and continuous waterproofing system without joints, water stops or compartmentalization.

However, it is important that these new spray applied systems are compatible with existing sheet membrane waterproofing systems as the transition in technology takes place.

Advantages include:

  • Fully Bonded to substrates
  • No seams or joints, just a continuous uniform
  • No disruption of project advance productivity (in fact productivity will be increased)
  • Only a 2-3 man team required
  • No requirement for expensive and obstructive support framework (use of a ‘Cherry Picker’ will suffice)
  • Very low entry level investment required in application equipment
  • Extremely fast application advance rates