CORMIX Conference 2015, New Product & Opportunities

Recently, CORMIX held a conference at its head office both for International & Local specialist Contractors focusing on new products, trends & opportunities in construction chemicals for both new construction & repair.

CORMIX promoted 7 new technologies:-

Contite PUE500 / 501 - Rigid foam for soil consolidation & water cut off.
Contite Soil Stab - Gel for underground water cut off & soil stabilization.
Condur ARP - Elastomeric concrete for rapid road & taxiway repair.
Condur CF - Carbon fibre strengthening.
Condur EGLP2 - 2 part, long potlife, deep pour epoxy grout with low exotherm.
Contite Slab Lift - Rigid polyurethane foam for lifting slabs & buildings.
Contite G600 - Polyurethane gel to stop heavy water in tunnels.

These products are now being made available both locally & internationally through CORMIX distributors.

For more information please contact: 02-9173955-8 

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Posted on 25/12/2015