2018 01 Cus Training SCC 01
Cormix introduced Cormix H2O STOP - Double Protection for ready mix concrete market.

Recently, Cormix organized Waterproofing by Crystalline product - CORMIX H2O STOP for Siam City Cement Public Company Limited. As *Cormix H2O Stop* is a high grade easy to handle...

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18 01 19 ORL Visit 180207 0032
The Mega Project MRT Orange Line (Eastern) Contract E1 & E2 visited Cormix Plant

*Recently, The con**sultant and Contractors** of** MRT**Orange**L**ine** (Eastern)**P**roject contract** E1 & E2 **(**Thailand Culture Centre – Minburi Section**); **PCMSC1, PCMSC2 and CKST** visited Cormix Head quarter and attended **High...

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